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Current Available Materials

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Common Fill (can have up to 1-2' rocks)
Screened Common Fill
(up to 3" rocks)             Sandy Fill  (Pipe Bedding)                        Screened Sand (Finer 1/2" Pipe Bedding)                    "  Screened Loam
" Processed Gravel
" Processed Gravel                                
" Recycled Gravel (asphalt / concrete / gravel mix)
3" Crushed Gravel
(3" Minus - similar to bank run)
Leach Field Gravel
(Ideal for drainage)
" Crushed Stone
1-  " Crushed Stone
" Crushed Asphalt
                               Landscape / Wall Boulders

Please Call for Availability on All Products

List is subject to change 

Minimum pick-up price is $20





Gravel Facility

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Main Office: 604 Putnam Pike

 Greenville RI 02828

Phone: 401-949-2727

  Fax: 401-949-3573

Office Hours:

7:00am -3:00pm M-F

Closed Saturday

Gravel Facility: 812 Putnam Pike Chepachet, RI

(Directly behind The Former Nutty Scottsman Pub / White Horse)

 Facility Hours: 7:00am -3:00pm M-F   Sat (Closed)

Please Call our Office before 3:00pm

 for availability or to schedule a delivery date.

Office: 401-949-2727