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Brief History

       Adler Bros. Construction was founded in 1980 by Scott and Kenny Adler. Their brothers Mike, Bruce, Jeff and Chris had joined by 1982. The 6 brothers (of 8) were raised on the family farm, Clear Acres, in Greenville RI. Prior to starting the company, their experience began in firewood, snowplowing, haying and land clearing which had been started in the 1950's by their late father, Carl R. Adler.

       The brothers started out with a couple of chainsaws and splitting wood by hand. They soon became prominently known as one of the largest firewood distributors in the northeast region. The brothers quickly developed an excellent reputation for quality and service in the land clearing industry.

      After some time, they solely focused on the construction industry and strengthened their expertise in land development and excavation. In later years, they expanded their services and formed Adler Properties and Adler Brothers Development to develop and manage their own portfolio of Commercial and Residential Properties in Northern RI.

       The brothers are notoriously known to deliver superior work and satisfaction to their clients. Our Family has built an excellent reputation that is strengthened on each and every job.

         The second generation, all 3 of Scott's Children (Matthieu, Jeremiah & Marissa) has become part of the family business in recent years to continue the family tradition.












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